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Mission Statement

Our vision is to fight extinction to secure a future rich in wildlife.
As a world-leading zoo-based conservation organisation we will fight wildlife extinction through:
- Innovative, scientifically sound breeding and recovery programs to support critically endangered Victorian, terrestrial, vertebrate species
- Partnering with the Victorian community to create the world’s most wildlife friendly society
- Providing profound zoo-based animal encounters to connect people with wildlife
- Strong commercial approaches to secure financial sustainability


Zoos Victoria is a world-leading zoo-based conservation organisation, dedicated to fighting wildlife extinction.
Our three zoos are Healesville Sanctuary, Melbourne Zoo and Werribee Open Range Zoo. Each one provides a unique and immersive experience that attracts visitors from around the world.
Our zoos inspire animal lovers of all ages. And by strengthening the connection between people and wildlife, we hope to protect the future of animals and their homes.
Our important work includes breeding and recovery programs; we've built partnerships with local communities, fellow conservationists, and like-minded organisations.

Program Details

Zoos Victoria works locally and globally to make wildlife conservation possible.
We are involved in conservation programs in six countries, eight grass-roots community conservation campaigns, and more than 50 research projects.
We inspire communities to commit to the conservation of wildlife and wild places by connecting people and wildlife.
Our Wildlife Conservation Master Plan 2019-2024 is dedicated to the recovery of 27 threatened native species, outlining the work and projects we will undertake to save these species from extinction and excite our communities to fight for a future rich in wildlife.
Each project has been identified and developed to benefit both ecological communities and key species. 
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