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Our association has name in English Living Water. We are concentrating on water protection and water environment. Nature conservation with focus on water restoration in countryside using the revitalization of rivers and floodplains (throughout the whole river basin area). We also popularize this issue among the general public. Unfortunately, people are not really aware of this phenomenon which will affect, especially in the future, the functioning of the whole society and is therefore becoming increasingly important. The government is failing to deal with this issue so we are trying to fill the gap. We also run educational and publishing activities (articles, websites editing, etc.) Our association resides on the Dubno farm where we take care of the local nature reserve and its surroundings. We established antifracking movemernt in Czech Republic against fracking, Frack Free World (attempt for establihing world acitivity) and Mother Earth Family (movement for the transition to environmentally sustainable footprint of humanity). One of the our goal is fight against dry and against climate change. We taky care about local, national and international issues in this sectors.
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Ziva Voda z.s. Dubno 29, Kleny 552 03 Provodov- Sonov
Provodov - Sonov, Eastern Bohemia 55203
Czech Republic
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