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Working Dogs for Conservation (WD4C) rescues, trains, and deploys detection and tracking dogs in service of wildlife and wildland conservation. Founded by four women in Montana in the mid-1990s, WD4C has worked in over 20 countries around the world. We rescue the dogs we train, from shelters, breed rescues, and even "career-changes" for "failed" dogs from other working disciplines.

Mission Statement

We train the world's best conservation dogs and put them to work saving wildlife and wild places. We do it to save the world. They do it for the love of a ball.

Program Details

Our programs fall into three broad categories: 1) Ending Wildlife Crime, 2) Stopping Invasive Species, and 3) Ecological Monitoring (to protect rare and endangered animals and habitats).
Our wildlife crime projects include anti-poaching and anti-trafficking actions in Africa, Asia North America. To stop the spread of invasive species, our dogs detect plants, invertebrates, fish, mammals, and even diseases. And our ecological monitoring work locates and provides critical information (like numbers, stress and reproductive rates) to protect rare and elusive species and their habitats. Our dogs even help monitor contaminants like heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, flame retardants, and rodenticides.
WD4C is the oldest, largest, and most accomplished conservation dog organization in the world. We proudly provide Impact, Innovation, and Leadership to others seeking to replicate our work.
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