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Winter Wildlands Alliance is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and preserving winter wildlands and a quality human-powered snowsports experience on public lands through education, outreach and advocacy.


Formed in 2000, Winter Wildlands Alliance grew out of the recognition that skiers, snowshoers, snowboarders, winter mountaineers and other backcountry adventurers needed a collective voice advocating on issues that impact the winter backcountry. Our work is equally focused on places as on the experiences these places provide; we pursue it in our local backcountry, at the offices and headquarters of our public land managers, and in the halls of Congress.
The landscape of winter recreation has changed radically since we started– with more people than ever seeking the backcountry experience – and our work is more relevant now than ever.
We accomplish our work through a variety of means. We advocate on national issues and maintain a national presence by communicating regularly with Forest Service, National Park Service, and elected officials, commenting on land management plans and encouraging agencies to adopt policies that support quality human-powered recreation experiences.
Winter Wildlands Alliance also supports a network of grassroots snowsports groups, helping local users to connect and to influence the issues affecting their favorite backcountry areas. With boots on the ground, we give back to the land through our stewardship programs, and get 33,000 kids outside each year to experience the joy of winter through SnowSchool.
In 2005, Winter Wildlands Alliance organized our first annual Backcountry Film Festival to celebrate the human-powered experience. The Festival now tours each winter to more than 108 locations across the world and raises funds and awareness for local groups working on advocacy, snow safety and outdoor education programs.

Program Details

Winter Wildlands Alliance is dedicated to preserving winter wildlands and quality human-powered snowsports experiences on public lands. We represent a growing community of backcountry and Nordic skiers, splitboarders, snowshoers, climbers, climate researchers, and other human-paced winter explorers, from Maine to California to Alaska. Our members, and the members of our 39 different grassroots groups in 17 states, deeply value natural winter soundscapes and the opportunity for refuge and respite afforded by the last remaining places across the American West where solitude, fundamental wildness and non-motorized experiences are preserved. From the backcountry to Washington D.C., Winter Wildlands Alliance works with land managers, elected officials, grassroots groups and other partners to pursue a balanced, adaptive and collaborative approach to winter recreation management for the long-term protection of the places where we recreate and seek adventure.
SnowSchool introduces kids to the joy of exploring our nation’s winter wildlands.  A growing national education program of Winter Wildlands Alliance, SnowSchool annually engages over 33,000 participants across 65 sites.  Each winter, in 16 states along the US snow-belt, K-12 students and teachers venture out on snowshoes as part of a fun and educational science-based field trip. Over 50% of participants are underserved and a majority are first time snowshoers! WWA works year-round with organizational partners nationwide to establish new SnowSchool sites each year and help bring this important experience to the communities and students that need it most.
The Backcountry Film Festival is produced each year by Winter Wildlands Alliance (WWA) as a celebration of the human-powered experience and a gathering place for the backcountry winter community. WWA is a nonprofit organization working at the national level to inspire and educate the backcountry community to protect and care for their winter landscapes.
The Festival premieres in Boise, ID each year and then launches into a 100+ city tour across the US and in some international locations. Funds raised at each screening stay in the local community to support recreation and conservation efforts, winter education and avalanche/safety programs, and to raise awareness of winter management issues.
The 2019-20 Backcountry Film Festival will tour over 100 cities from mid-November to late March, reaching 22,000+ attendees, and hopes to raise over $200,000 for local winter communities. Immerse yourself in a night of films that capture the spirit of winter. Adventure, environment and climate, youth outdoors, ski culture- you’ll find it all in this award winning lineup.
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