Mission Statement

Reduce nutrient runoff and flood impacts, restore local water quality, and eliminate the Dead Zone.


Wings2Water started as an initiative launched by the Eastern Iowa Airport (CID) and was formed for three reasons. First, CID is one of the largest agricultural landowners in Linn County, and adapting more sustainable farming practices will help reduce runoff and pollution. Second, CID believes wetland restoration and improved farming practices, and supporting restoration projects, is vital to resolving water quality and flooding problems. Third, Wings2Water is a unique way to utilize an airport terminal marketplace to raise awareness and raise funds. Wings2Water has become a grassroots effort that provides the opportunity for the 3 million passengers and meeter-greeters to support water quality improvement projects. On March 17, 2020 Wings2Water was officially recognized as a federal 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Program Details

Flooding, groundwater and surface water pollution are at all-time highs. Human practices, including but not limited to filling in wetlands, create conditions that harm both humans and the environment and cost untold millions to clean up after the fact. Nitrate pollution alone has cost taxpayers hundreds of millions, with more spent each year. Contamination of drinking and recreational water, increased flooding and health concerns are just a few harmful impacts we need to address now.
Wings2Water will: one, raise awareness on the issue of water quality throughout the Mississippi watershed and, two, raise funds to support projects with demonstrated or known beneficial outcomes to improve water quality, reduce flood impacts, or eliminate the Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone.
There are approximately 185 commercial service airports within the Mississippi watershed. Wings2Water seeks to include each of these airports as participants in the Wings2Water Mission. Wings2Water will provide leadership, services and fund raising strategies and/or platforms with member airports or other agencies with the goal of scaling and expanding the Wings2Water Mission throughout the Mississippi watershed.
While our primary focus is on the Mississippi watershed, Wings2Water anticipates that in furtherance of its general mission of restoring water quality, funds may also be used for water quality improvement projects outside the Mississippi watershed.

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