WILD.ECO is an acronym that stands for Wilderness Immersion for Leadership & Discovery through Education, Conservation & Opportunities
Our mission is to foster resilient, powerful, adaptable, curious, and empathetic students of life, using Nature as a framework.
In its core, WILD.ECO believes that immersion in nature is an important part of development, particularly during the formative years when we begin to discover our field of perception, awareness of our environment, development sense of self, build self-esteem and hone skills for leadership. This experience is a powerful first-step that can trigger or enhance our desire to explore and discover the natural world, to uncover the beauty and overcome the challenges inherent in nature.
Immersion in nature also helps finding strength in disconnecting from the modern daily distractions and reconnecting with our inner power.
Education, Conservation and Opportunities create a roadmap for a purposeful and productive life, not only for the individual but the community and planet as a whole. We see our lives evolving in this ecosystem.
EDUCATION is a key cornerstone for success. Educating the mind, educating the soul, educating the body and becoming a better human being are core mandates of WILD.ECO.
CONSERVATION refers to an understanding of the world we live in. Conservation is driven by our ethics based on respect, reciprocity and connectivity with the world we inhabit touching all life form.
OPPORTUNITIES promote growth by creating experiences which pave the road for a productive and rewarding future. While Education and Conservation nourishes the mind, Opportunities allow the mind soar and thrive.
Primary Issue
Climate Change
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