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Mission Statement

Inspiration through Nature
The Wild Pacific Trail Society is dedicated to the promotion and protection of a spectacular coastal trail network, where the temperate rainforest meets the ocean, that is accessible to everyone and showcases the natural and cultural treasures of the Ucluth Peninsula.
The Trail Society endeavours to inspire people through sharing perspectives about the culture, history and nature of this area.


The Wild Pacific Trail is a 9 km hiking and interpretive trail located in Ucluelet, British Columbia, Canada. The trail skirts the rugged cliffs and shoreline along the West Coast of Vancouver Island, overlooking Barkley Sound and the Broken Group Islands to the east and the open Pacific Ocean to the south and west.
The Trail was created to provide an accessible nature experience while preserving the local flora and fauna through green trail building practices. The route grants trail users unparalleled views of the majestic scenery of the coastline and allows them to immerse themselves in its temperate rainforest.
The Wild Pacific Trail is an unique outdoor classroom that presents incredible opportunities to connect people to nature through its location and interpretive signage and programming. We are eager to share its diverse ecosystems: temperate rainforest, woodland bog, mudflats, and intertidal marine zones with others and to encourage stewardship of these unique and fascinating ecosystems.

Program Details

The Wild Pacific Trail Society (WPTS) is a volunteer driven non-profit which provides the oversight and building of the Wild Pacific Trail. We are dedicated to the preservation of the Trail’s natural wilderness and its wild and rugged beauty, magnificent vistas, and seascape.
We strive to develop educational programs that inspire a profound connection with Nature and do so by offering free interpretive walks on the natural environment and cultural history of the coast. Our programs could not exist without funding support for our dedicated Trail Naturalist and our like-minded education partners. A long term goal includes the creation of a Wild Pacific Trail Nature Centre.
Our key messaging also includes the promotion of the minimization of impact by trail users on the Wild Pacific Trail's natural environment to ensure its protection for future generations. By enriching one’s understanding, we hope it will lead to environmental appreciation and acts of stewardship.
Many donors have provided valuable funding to the WPTS to build this wonderful trail and support our education initiatives. Without their generous donations, the trail would not be where it is today.
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