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Mission Statement

Whole Kids Foundation is on a mission to improve children’s nutrition by supporting schools, inspiring families and empowering kids to make healthier food choices.


Whole Kids Foundation collaborates with schools and youth organizations to change the way we feed our kids. We offer programs in three countries — U.S., Canada and the U.K.
· 7,879,258 kids choosing vegetables and fruits to nourish their bodies and minds
· 11,760 schools dedicated to healthy learning
· 5,455 school gardens granted, connecting kids to real food
· 5,804 salad bars granted, the best part of the lunchline!
· 501 honeybee hives granted to schools and nonprofits to educate on pollinators
· 18,267 teachers and school staff modeling healthy choices in classrooms

Program Details

Current programming includes: gardening and beehive grants, school salad bar funding, healthy teachers and get schools cooking.
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