White Buffalo Land Trust


Mission Statement

Our Vision is to bring agriculture, conservation, and human development into alignment for long term ecosystem and community health.
Our Mission is to practice, develop, and promote systems of regenerative agriculture.


We focus on the growth of healthy soils, the restoration of water cycles, carbon sequestration, remediation of toxins in our food system, and the increased nutrition and resiliency of plant and animal production.
With our employees, partners, and volunteers we engage in direct land stewardship, education and training programs, ongoing field research, and exemplary product development.

Program Details

Our 3 fields of focus are Land Stewardship, Education + Training, and Scientific Research.
We put the principles of Regenerative Agriculture into practice on the landscapes we steward to increase biodiversity, enrich our soils, improve watersheds, and enhance ecosystem services for our community.
Through our WBLT Education and Engagement Program we are working with educators, trainers, farmers, chefs, doctors, lawmakers, parents, and students to increase the ecological literacy of our community, and prepare the next generation of land stewards. Our programs introduce engaging and relevant subject matter to our community in the context of advancing understanding of living systems and the choices and opportunities we have as stewards.
Throughout our work is a thread of rigorous scientific research, gathering of baseline metrics and data, and the production and evolution of our protocols and methods of investigation to better understand the impact of our practices and principles in action.

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