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The Problems in Rural Niger
· 1 out of 7 children dies before the age of five, from contaminated water
· 85% of women in Niger are illiterate. (Compared to 43% of men)
· 61% have no access to clean water.
· 96% lack basic sanitation, a simple latrine.
· Women and girls spend hours every day walking to find water that is often contaminated.
The Solution
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), "No other humanitarian intervention produces a more dramatic effect on life than access to safe water and sanitation.” When a well is drilled in a village, lives are transformed instantly and dramatically. Our wells tap into an endless supply of clean water from aquifers, 250-300 feet underground.
When a well is drilled…
· Child mortality is reduced by 70+%.
· Girls go to school since they no longer have to walk 4-6 miles a day to get water.
· Girls who are educated, marry and bear children later, reducing the chances of death in childbirth
· We train women to start their own small businesses.
· Gardens flourish, preventing starvation in times of famine.
Why we’re worthy of your support:
· 100% of every donation goes directly to funding wells.
· We’re an all-volunteer nonprofit, with the exception of the Director of Operations.
· We continue working with a village for 15+ years to ensure sustainability.
· We educate villagers on good sanitation and proper hygiene
· We teach drip farming and show the villagers how to use the grey water.
· We help the villagers build latrines, and educate them on the importance of usage.

Mission Statement

Wells Bring Hope is committed to drilling wells to bring safe water and sanitation to rural villagers in Niger, West Africa, the poorest country in the world. 

Program Details

We are currently raising money to fund individual hand pump wells in rural villages as well as funds for mechanized solar water systems that serve 8,000 to 10,000 people a year at rural health clinics.
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