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Through our technical expertise and community-driven approach, we have provided lasting clean water to more than a quarter of a million people across over 65 projects in East Africa to date. And, all of our projects are 100% successful, compared with the average industry success rate of only 40%.
HERE’S WHAT MAKES WELL AWARE’S APPROACH DIFFERENT: We have a team of technical experts including hydro-geologists, civil engineers and groundwater engineers who manage, plan, and design our projects from start to finish.
We are community-driven. From the very beginning, we establish a true, collaborative partnership with each community. They present to us what their current water situation is, what their goals are, and how they plan to manage the project. From there, we work with the community to design a water system that will utilize their existing resources to kick-start long-term success.
We maintain partnerships and support ongoing water system needs to ensure the longevity of all of our water projects. While most of our communities are now self-sustaining, we regularly check in on our water systems to measure impact and our local team is reachable for problems that arise.
In addition to Well Aware’s innovative approach, we utilize new technologies to make our work more efficient and cost-effective, including: solar power, purification, water kiosk technology, and mobile-to-mobile banking.
Once clean water becomes available in a community, disease rates drop 64% on average, education rates increase 34%, and education rates for girls, specifically, increase 58%. With clean water, communities are able to thrive, grow, and develop. Agriculture is able to take off, gender equality improves, and overall economic activity increases.
Through our comprehensive, community-based approach, we provide tailored solutions that last, not just for a little while, but for generations to come.

Mission Statement

Well Aware is a 501(c)3 nonprofit with headquarters in Austin, Texas that funds and implements sustainable clean water systems to drive economic development and empower communities in East Africa. At Well Aware, we believe our responsibility to our partner communities goes far beyond the drilling of a hole. Nearly 60% of water projects in Africa fail, often within the first year. 100% of Well Aware’s water systems work and they last because of realistic, responsible planning and collaboration. Our partner communities are motivated, organized, and prepared communities who need only sustainable clean water to kick-start their success. That’s why we adapt each project according to the community's specific needs and collaborate with local leaders to ensure the water system’s long-term success.

Program Details

On average, Well Aware can provide lasting clean water to one person for $15. Since our founding through 2019, our donors have funded 70 water projects and provided clean water to more than 270,000 people. We continue to maintain a 100% project success rate, since the very first system in 2010. In 2019, we completed the most new projects (13) than any other single year, and worked on an additional 11 projects. And, we are on track to significantly increase our project capacity and impact in the coming years. During 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Well Aware has expanded our WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) training program to help our partner communities in East Africa fight the virus. We are deploying a mobile app that is equipping partner communities with the info and tools they need to better prepare themselves for the spread. We plan to continue innovating and pivoting to further support our partner communities during this challenging time.
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