Mission Statement

Our VISION is A world where everyone is inspired to fall in love with nature because they see reflections of themselves in outdoor spaces.
Our MISSION: WeGotNext amplifies individual stories of adventure and activism from communities that have been underrepresented in outdoor, conservation and environmental spaces.


We are in an environmental crisis.

And yet, the organizations and companies that work to protect our air, land, water, and community are exclusive by design. From leadership positions to the photos, films, and media, these organizations are made up of the dominant culture, and people from marginalized communities do not see themselves represented in outdoor spaces.
As a result, structural barriers persist and communities are prevented from scalable engagement and the building of broad and strong coalitions for each other and the outdoor spaces we love.

Storytelling is a powerful tool for activating change, building resilience among communities, and fortifying our identities as humans.

The stories of WeGotNext Ambassadors serve to inspire individuals and remove barriers to become engaged in outdoor spaces, ensuring advocates on behalf of the environment for this generation and those to come.

Program Details

Our Three–Year Model enables our ambassadors to grow as leaders, develop their projects, and ultimately bring their impact back into the community as mentors through storytelling and presentations.
YEAR 1: Mentorship
Throughout the first year of the Ambassadorship, the cohort focuses on developing their project while receiving mentorship and guidance from WeGotNext. In addition, they will receive mentorship from Ambassadors who are both alumnae and in their final year. The goal is to build the base for the incoming year where projects will be implemented.
YEAR 2: Projects
Project Implementation. Ambassadors put their projects into action, whether it be an expedition, a community–based project, or a film. This year serves as the most crucial in WeGotNext.
YEAR 3: PresentationMentoring
It all comes full circle. The final year consists of Ambassadors presenting their achieved work and success to different communities and mentoring the incoming cohort. Although presentations will look different for each of the Ambassadors depending on their own project alignments, the key is investment. Here, the community gets to see themselves in the stories that our Ambassadors have created and led.
Primary Issue
Climate Change
Secondary Issue
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