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We The Curious is an educational charity and science centre, with sustainability at the very heart of our work. Annually we inspire over 300,000 visitors and educate 60,000 students through our curriculum-enhancing STEM programme and we deliver free educational opportunities to millions beyond our doors, from outreach in Bristol’s six most disadvantaged wards to our online live science videos viewed over 3 million times by teachers and learners across the globe. All of this work we strive to achieve as sustainably as possible, while at the same time innovatively educating our visitors on environmental science. In the last 6 years we have received 22 sustainability awards, e.g. the Bristol and Bath Environmental Award in 2016. We are a key member of the Bristol Green Capital Partnership and chaired during the Bristol European Green Capital year. We have a number of innovative sustainable approaches, including the city’s largest photovoltaic array, the city’s first LED lit car park, green roofs, bee hives and more. In our educational activities we offer a number of sustainability theme days, Food trails, Blue Planet planetarium show, exhibits and more both inside and outside the building e.g. our Food! Gallery on the ground floor, a kitchen and living greenhouse with presenter led shows and exhibits about the science of food. We have worked internationally in leading visitor attractions and science centre sectors in operating sustainably, including a Global Sustainability Fellowship with Arizona State University, consulting on the ClairCity programme of air quality as one of six cities across the European Union, advising on the creation of a new museum in Denmark and hosting a fellowship for the UK and Ireland. This all contributes towards our aim to be the most sustainable science centre we can be.
Primary Issue
Climate Change
Anchor Road, Harbourside
Bristol, England BS1 5LL
United Kingdom
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