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We Are Neutral has been working with individuals and businesses in the name of a healthier planet since 2007. Our main objective at the end of every day is to remind everyone that restoring balance to our environment is not too hard, and it is not too late. Together, we've got this.

Mission Statement

We Are Neutral is an environmental nonprofit that helps businesses and individuals understand, reduce, and offset their comprehensive carbon footprints, giving them the opportunity to take responsibility for their environmental impact. We take pride in steering away from the typical "offset transaction" and instead create a series of 'aha!' moments that shift perspectives and inspire sustainability to be woven through existing frameworks.

Program Details

We begin with calculating one's carbon footprint to better understand the comprehensive components and to identify potential areas for reduction. Once the carbon footprint has been reduced as much as possible and a partner chooses to offset the rest, we then create and support local carbon offset and reduction projects, entirely by the book, and often with the participation of our partners to provide additional perspective-shifting educational moments.
Our Florida based offset and reduction projects include providing energy upgrades for low-income families, indigenous tree planting, invasive species removal, landfill diversion, landfill methane capture, vehicle fuel efficiency tuneups, and massive amounts of environmental education. We brand our clients as the sustainable leaders they are and help them win awards, articulate their carbon neutrality, receive press, and inspire others in their industries to follow suit.
Primary Issue
Climate Change
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