Voices for Biodiversity


Mission Statement

Our mission is to build a diverse story-sharing community to save biodiversity.


Our vision is a world where humanity and nature coexist in healthy ecological balance.
We find storytellers from around the world, gather their stories about biodiversity, and then amplify their voices by publishing the stories on our website. We also connect our storytellers with each other through our grassroots community, where they can share thoughts, ideas and resources to help save biodiversity. Our goal is to diversify, publish and expand the reach of voices speaking out on behalf of biodiversity. We do this by encouraging storytellers to find their individual voices, and then offering assistance in preparing their stories, photos and videos about nature to be shared with the world. Subsequent publication on our platform amplifies our storytellers’ voices to our readers, highlighting the impact they can have. We also provide our storytellers and readers with the opportunity to connect with each other through our Facebook page and Facebook Group as well as our other social media platforms, including Instagram (@voicesforbiodiversity), Twitter (@V4Bio) and LinkedIn.
We have published a diverse range of emerging voices, from Manhattan to Maasai Mara. Do you have a story to share about your relationship with nature and other species? Join the Voices for Biodiversity story-sharing community and be heard. Or help expand our community by reading our stories and sharing them with your networks. Want to help emerging storytellers where you live? Volunteer as a Guest Editor and liaise between individuals in your area and the Voices for Biodiversity team. Or contact us to discover other ways you can assist our team in our goal to expand the voices of today’s emerging biodiversity storytellers.

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