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Mission Statement

Urban Sprouts plants the seeds of social equity to build healthy and thriving neighborhoods through community and garden-based education.


We build opportunities for youth and adults to connect with the natural environment through research-tested, garden-based environmental and social justice programming that reaches over 2,000 students, adults, and families from low-income communities each year. Our programming utilizes food and food gardens as relatable and relevant platforms for program participants to enjoy natural settings in urban environments, have greater access to fresh and healthy food, deepen their understanding of food and ecological systems, gain meaningful employment opportunities, and foster their development as change agents at home and within their communities.

Program Details

Our programming includes:
1) School Programming: Outdoor, project-based courses in Farming & Food Justice, and Cooking from the Garden. We forego the lecture-audience teaching model and structure our programs around exploration, experimentation, and knowledge-sharing. Each course meets twice per week for 60 minutes/class, with students each receiving 42 hours of outdoor education per semester.
2) Job Readiness Program: This program has three components: Sprout Out, a project-based after-school internship; Summer Sprouts, an intensive summer employment experience; and Sprouting Leaders, hourly employment for youth age 18-28.
3) Community Health and Nutrition Education: Trilingual (Spanish, English, Cantonese) programming that promotes the consumption of fruits and vegetables to reduce chronic disease rates and health disparities in San Francisco. We offer culturally-appropriate cooking and nutrition classes, cooking demonstrations, nutrition presentations, community garden activation, and registration support for food assistance programs. These programs are safe, low-barrier pathways to increasing community health and empowering communities to define their culturally-appropriate practices for healthy living.
Primary Issue
Secondary Issue
Climate Change
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