Upper Missouri Waterkeeper


Mission Statement

Upper Missouri Waterkeeper uses a combination of science, citizen action, and the law to protect fishable, swimmable, drinkable water and healthy rivers throughout the 25,000 square miles of Southwest and West-Central Montana's Upper Missouri River Basin.


Upper Missouri Waterkeeper is a nonprofit, grassroots-based organization that serves as a public advocate for healthy waterways and communities in Southwest and West-Central Montana’s Upper Missouri River Basin. We collectively possess years of expertise regarding the science behind – and regulatory requirements over – industrial, municipal, agricultural, and construction stormwater and like pollution discharges, toxic and hazardous water contamination, fisheries management, and hydroelectric facility licensing.
Likewise, we actively engage and collaborate with local stakeholders, knowing the good intentions of a few people alone won’t improve the health of the Upper Missouri River Basin. We believe it takes a cooperative effort of practical, positive communication with concerned stakeholders to realize science-based solutions critical to our success.

Program Details

We investigate pollution, patrol waterways and landscapes, and work with stakeholders to protect and improve the health of local waterways.  We also hold polluters and our decisionmakers accountable by enforcing and improving environmental laws through advocacy and litigation, water quality science, and educating and empowering the public with tools available to be local water steward
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