Unite to Light


Mission Statement

Unite to Light believes that access to clean and affordable light and energy are critical to improving health, education and prosperity globally.


As a not-for-profit 501(c)3 Unite to Light manufactures and distributes efficient, durable, low cost solar lamps and solar chargers to people without access to electricity. Since 2011 they have delivered 125,000 solar lights to people in 78 countries. They focus on projects that help children learn to read and study at night, equip midwives with the tools they need to do their job, offer relief to those suffering from disasters and provide light and power to people experiencing homelessness.

Program Details

Unite to Light has three main program areas: Education, Health and Disaster Response.
Education Program focuses on getting solar lights to students so they can study at night. We do direct distribution to students as well as create "Light Libraries" in schools so that students can check out solar lights as they need them. Our primary projects are in Haiti through WE.org and sub-Saharan Africa.
In schools with our Light Libraries we have seen increases to graduation and pass through rates of 20-30%.
Health Programs are split into two sub-categories: Midwives & Homelessness
Midwives Program works to get midwives and community health workers the tools they need to do their jobs. We parter with the United Nations Population Fund and others to get Solar Lights and Solar Chargers to midwives in places like Bangladesh, Uganda and Haiti so that the midwives can see what they are doing in dark huts and call for help if needed.
Homeless Program focuses on providing Solar Chargers to people experiencing homelessness in the US. We partner with Street Medicine teams across the country so that their patients can access services, power their phones to call for help and have light at night.
Disaster Response Program is implemented in partnership with Direct Relief. They provide immediate medical assistance in disaster areas ranging from natural disasters to conflict zones. They also provide long term support to community clinics and hospitals across the world. They offer our products to the people they support: first responders, doctors, nurses and victims.
Primary Issue
Climate Change
Secondary Issue
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