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Turtle Rescue of the Hamptons, Inc. is dedicated to helping native wild turtles of the Northeast survive in adverse circumstances. TRH treats injuries to over 150 terrestrial and aquatic turtles each year, providing long-term rehabilitation to those that can be released into the wild, and sanctuary for those whose injuries mean they can never again live in the wild.
The sandy coastal lands, ponds and bogs of Long Island are home to the Eastern Box turtle (listed as a species of Special Concern by the NYS DEC), the Diamondback Terrapin, the Common Snapping Turtle, the Painted Turtle, and the Spotted Turtle. During the active season of April to October, turtles are on the move looking for food, mates, and nesting sites and often meet grievous injury from cars, lawnmowers, boat propellers and insecticides used in lawn maintenance. TRH treats shell fractures, lacerations, abscesses of the ear and eye, metabolic bone disease caused by inadequate husbandry, and a host of other injuries, effectively extending the lives of hundreds of animals who can then go on to reproduce and to live out their lives.
TRH has also provided shelter and protection for non-native tortoises that have been abandoned by owners, including a large African Spurred Tortoise and several Texas Tortoises.
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