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Mission Statement

New Zealand needs millions more native trees to help combat climate change and protect our environment. Our goal is to mobilise New Zealanders to fund, plant and count the survival of 200 million new native trees over the next 10 years.


Trees That Count is New Zealand’s only community marketplace connecting native tree planters with funders.
Our story
Trees That Count was born out of a simple question, "How many native trees are planted in New Zealand each year and could we plant more to help mitigate climate change?"
In November 2016, Trees That Count was launched. We're a programme of the Project Crimson Trust. For over 25 years, Project Crimson has been championing native tree planting through large-scale restoration and environmental education projects.

Program Details

Trees That Count is working with New Zealanders across the country to plant more millions more natives. We help businesses build a brighter, more sustainable future through the planting of native trees - and we support planting groups to make a real impact at restoring, and growing, precious wildlife corridors around the country.
More native trees in the ground means greater biodiversity, cleaner waterways, thriving industries and stronger communities. Get involved by planting, gifting or funding native trees with us.
Primary Issue
Climate Change
Secondary Issue
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