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Tompkins Conservation is a publicly supported 501(c)(3) charity incorporated in California.
The organization’s current and past efforts to create parklands, conserve biodiversity, restore damaged lands, reintroduce missing species, encourage environmental activism, and promote ecological agriculture have been accomplished through a suite of nonprofits founded by Kris and Doug Tompkins. As of 2019, these entities have been legally merged and consolidated into the U.S.-based Tompkins Conservation, working primarily through two affiliates in South America: Tompkins Conservation Chile and Rewilding Argentina.
Kristine McDivitt Tompkins and the late Douglas R. Tompkins (1943–2015) are American conservationists who have worked to save wildlife and wild habitat for more than a quarter century, achieving unprecedented success as national park-focused philanthropists. After prominent business careers, she as the former CEO of Patagonia, Inc. and he as the founder of the North Face and cofounder of Esprit clothing companies, in the early 1990s the Tompkinses turned their entrepreneurial talents toward saving nature’s beauty and diversity. They are best known for their efforts to acquire and aggregate private land and then donate it to become new national parks.

Mission Statement

Tompkins Conservation is a nonprofit organization led by Kristine Tompkins and dedicated to creating parklands, conserving biodiversity, restoring degraded lands, reintroducing missing species, encouraging environmental activism and fostering ecological agriculture in Chile and Argentina.
We believe that all forms of life have intrinsic value. For over 25 years, we have fought to end the extinction crisis and reorient human actions towards beauty, diversity and wildlife. The creation of national parks and large-scale ecological restoration or "rewilding" are the cornerstones of our strategy to help the world get back in balance, reduce carbon emissions and avert climate catastrophe.

Program Details

Tompkins Conservation is dedicated to rewilding the Southern Cone by conserving and restoring landscapes, protecting marine systems, and reintroducing extirpated species. We are proud to be activists for a world of beauty and balance. We work toward regenerative agriculture and fostering economic prosperity as a consequence of conservation.
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