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The Street Trust ® is a non-profit membership organization working to promote and improve public transit, walking and bicycling conditions in Oregon. Since 1990, The Street Trust has worked in partnership with citizens, businesses, community groups, government agencies, and elected officials to create communities where people can meet their daily transportation needs through active transportation.


The Street Trust is an advocate for walking, biking and transit. After more than 25 years successfully promoting bicycling as the Bicycle Transportation Alliance, we expanded our mission to include walking and transit. We changed our name to The Street Trust to reflect our broader mission. While we still believe bicycling is a fantastic alternative to a car, other choices are needed for everyone to meet more of their transportation needs. This inclusive approach to active transportation connects us to more diverse communities and a broader range of allies.
The Portland metropolitan area, like other cities in the Emerald Corridor, faces opportunities and challenges accommodating growth. Today, approximately 2.4 million people live in the Portland area. By 2040, the region’s population is expected exceed 3 million. Ensuing environmental degradation is the forgone conclusion provided by traditional patterns of growing of American cities. But Portland is bucking the trends in a number of respects by having controls on urban sprawl, promoting compact urban development, limiting expansion of freeway infrastructure and investing in walking, biking and transit. As growth runs up against these controls, there is pressure from some quarters to ease or obliterate them, when in fact we need to double-down on strategies like these because they address livability and climate change.
One area where seeds of discontent are sown is transportation. Traffic congestion is increasingly identified by Portland area residents as a big concern. In response to an open-ended question in a late 2017 poll, homelessness was the top concern followed by traffic congestion, affordable housing, roads/infrastructure and taxes. The dominance of housing and transportation in the top five public concerns is no coincidence. Housing prices have displaced low-income households from close-in neighborhoods and suburban centers to fringe locations where transit service is poor or nonexistent and goods and services are not readily accessed by means other than driving. Households seeking to blunt the increase in housing costs are confronted with increased transportation costs and longer travel times. These near-term concerns overshadow the climate change crisis. Despite state law and regional policy calling for greenhouse gas reductions, we are not doing enough to make it safe and convenient for people to choose walking, biking and transit instead of single occupancy vehicles.
We are proud of the work we do to encourage people, especially kids, to use active transportation. We bring bikes and bike safety curriculum to schools and teachers throughout the state. In every class we encounter kids who have never had the opportunity to learn to ride a bike. The annual Bike More Challenge has brought countless adults into the bike commute fold and we've expanded it to recognize walking and transit too. Other programs encourage women, train commuters and educate cyclists on their legal rights.
Too many of our neighborhoods lack the infrastructure necessary for walking, biking and transit to be safe and convenient. We educate decision makers about the need for investments in sidewalks, bike lanes and bus routes.

Program Details

The Street Trust is a member of the Getting There Together Coalition, a coalition of organizations in the Portland Metro region working together to advocate for livable communities for all - inclusive of all ages, abilities, races, incomes, and backgrounds. Together, we want to work towards building a regional transportation system that equitably serves everyone, not just some.
Buses are our future - some bus lines can carry as many riders as MAX and Street Car lines. We need to get buses out of traffic now so that they provide better service to transit-dependent people and give a faster option than driving a car. The Street Trust worked hard to advocate for funding and adoption of plans by Metro and the City of Portland that once implemented will give buses priority on many of our streets. The City of Portland has since adopted an Enhanced Transit Corridor (ETC) Plan as well as the Central City in Motion Plan.
We continue to push for rapid implementation and expansion of these plans to improve the travel time and reliability of transit all across the Portland region.
In 2018, 467 people were killed in traffic collisions on Oregon roads. These fatalities are absolutely preventable. With better design and regulation of our roadways, we can achieve our goal of zero traffic fatalities. The Portland Bureau of Transportation adopted a Vision Zero Action Plan in December of 2016 and The Street Trust is working to incorporate Vision Zero principles into state legislation as well as specific projects on some of our most dangerous roads.
As a core part of our Vision Zero strategy, The Street Trust is proud to support Oregon and SW Washington Families for Safe Streets. This community group is comprised of victims of traffic violence and families whose loved ones have been killed or seriously injured by aggressive or reckless driving and dangerous conditions in Oregon and SW Washington.
The Street Trust also works closely with Oregon Walks on Vision Zero implementation around the region. For us and our partners this work starts with better design and regulation of roadways, sidewalks, intersections and transit stations. Vision Zero policy must increase resources to better enforce traffic laws to make our streets safer. It incorporates best practices from the social marketing world to change behaviors that are most likely to cause serious crashes.
Safe Routes to School
We offer several program models designed to bring education services students; to train teachers; to encourage students and families to walk and bike to school.
Jump Start
We love to see kids riding bikes; it’s a fun way to get around, stay healthy, and reduce the impact of pollution on our environment. Through our Jump Start program, The Street Trust works to put more kids on bicycles by providing elementary and middle schools with the resources their students need to develop a passion for active transportation.
Oregon’s Walk+Roll encouragement program is coordinated by The Street Trust to encourage children, youth, and families throughout Oregon to get around by walking and rolling. Two statewide Walk+Roll events take place each year.
Rules of the Road
Our Rules of the Road clinics are free presentations where you can learn everything you need to know about local traffic laws and your rights as a pedestrian, bicyclist, or transit user.
Women Bike
In the Portland Metro region, women account for only a third of bike riders. We are here to change that! Women bike is The Street Trust's program to inspire more women to incorporate biking in their lives and utilize biking to meet their health, fitness, and transportation needs. Women Bike is open to all female-identified and gender nonconforming people who enjoy biking or think they might.
Oregon Friendly Drivers
This is a 90-minute interactive class to educate all drivers on the best and safest ways to ways to share the road with people getting around on foot or by bike.

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Climate Change
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