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Mission Statement

Few organisations have the sole aim of communication and forging connections. As with so many things, we believe that many of the challenges that currently face the ocean are partially an educational and communicational issue.
The Marine Diaries was created in order to share ocean science and conservation with the world - in the hope that we can inspire others to help protect our oceans. We envisage a healthy ocean and a knowledgeable population with respect for our blue planet. Our content is produced to create conversation and address the challenges that currently face our oceans.
Our goal is to raise awareness and to promote a sustainable way of living, leaving a positive impact on the marine environment.


The Marine Diaries was formed in 2018 out of a love for the ocean and a desire to do something to protect it. We recognised that in order to get people to care about the ocean, we must first educate people on the wonders that it holds, and communicate marine science in a way that is easy for everyone to understand.
As scientists and millennials, we believe now is the time to capitalise on the use of digital media for communication. Through articles, interviews, and visual media we inspire a youthful audience to become a voice for our ocean.
In 2019 we ran our first digital awareness campaign focussed on plastic pollution and the impact of this on our ocean. Content covered four main topics: clothing, food & drink, beauty & healthcare, and 'biodegradable' plastics. Over the course of one month, we shared articles, social media content, videos, and educational info-graphics. The campaign brought together over 35 organisations, researchers, and influencers in a collaborative effort to share the science of plastic pollution, and efforts to solve this problem.
Over the past 2 and a half years, the voluntary team has expanded exponentially, first taking on an editorial team and more recently expanding the marketing team.

Program Details

Current ongoing educational series
  • Seas The Day - covering marine conservation methods, technology, and policies.
  • Blue Missions - highlighting the work of marine conservation organisations.
  • Rising Tides - explaining the key threats to the ocean.
  • Too Hot To Handle - dedicated to climate change and it's affects on the ocean.
  • Plastic Not Fantastic - effects of marine plastic pollution and solutions to removing it.
  • Spotlight On Sealife - celebrating the creatures that inspire our love for the ocean.
  • Into The Industry - demonstrating a range of ocean-related careers.
  • Behind The Lens - following the lives of those who capture the underwater world on film.
Current projects
Ecosystem System Project
Aims to convey the importance of 9 marine ecosystems in an engaging and interesting way, demonstrating the foundation and keystone species found in each ecosystem, the value they have, the threats they are facing and how people can help conserve them.
The project brings together 3 different teams (Researchers, Videographers, and Illustrators) in addition to external collaborators, to create info-graphics and info-videos for each of the 9 ecosystems.
The outputs of this project will be shared as an education tool with marine conservation organisations in addition to research and educational institutions, primarily via the network of collaborators.
Current Iniatives
  • Career help for budding ocean conservationists -
Primary Issue
Secondary Issue
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