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The Last Animals Foundation 501(c)(3) raises awareness about wildlife trafficking and the collapse of biodiversity to protect animals from extinction and create a more sustainable planet. We support frontline park rangers who are the guardians of critically-important populations of animals in under-resourced ecosystems and focus on on-the-ground conservation in geographical locations that have been plagued by conflict and insecurity. Whether natural or manmade disasters, animals and their guardians need to be protected. By empowering conservation storytellers, we can bring the challenges of animals, ecosystems and rangers to the forefront and help educate the next generation.


Animals Lebanon
The Last Animals Foundation is raising funds to help our fiscally sponsored project, Animals Lebanon, in this time of crisis. Any donation of any size will make an impact right now and go directly to Animals Lebanon on the frontline of this disaster in Beirut.
Animals Lebanon's office was damaged in the explosion, as well as their shelter four miles. Within a couple of hours of the blast, Animals Lebanon dedicated staff and hundreds of volunteers began working around the clock to rescue animals trapped in rubble, provide veterinary care, reunite people with their beloved animals, as well as care for animals whose guardians have sadly passed away, been hospitalized or are missing. Simultaneously, the organization is caring for a number of trafficked and inhumanely treated animals who are scheduled to be transported to sanctuaries. Those currently include a hyena, a lion, bears, baboons and a wallaby.
Animals Lebanon was started by a group of young, passionate and determined individuals wanting to make Lebanon a better place for animals. They believed that improving their welfare is a necessary and admirable goal in itself and recognized that when the welfare of animals improves great things can happen for the country. Animals Lebanon is the only animal welfare group working in Lebanon and is also now the most recognized animal welfare organization in the Middle East. The organization has been awarded for the breadth and impact of its work – joining international conventions, fighting the trafficking of endangered species, closing zoos and circuses, rescuing thousands of animals, and responding to tens of thousands of requests for help every year. The group also drafted the Animal Protection and Welfare Law that came into full force in 2017, protecting all animals now and for years to come. Jason Mier has proudly served as the Executive Director of Animals Lebanon since 2008 and is also a board member of The Last Animals Foundation. Please help animals in Lebanon and these dedicated people during this time of crisis.
Camp Dungu
After 14 children lost their fathers due to an ambush on rangers in Garamba National Park, we made a commitment to help the families of those park rangers in honor of their sacrifice and service. Over the past year we have fundraised for a new education and community center that will benefit the community. “Camp Dungu” is named after the river that runs through Garamba National Park. For every dollar raised, the European Union match funds. Construction of Camp Dungu is now underway.
Next Generation Conversation Literacy
Through our partnerships with the University of Michigan's School of Environment and Sustainability and Encounter Edu, we are expanding and accelerating conservation literacy in classrooms through virtual learning.
Environmental Justice Storytelling & Impact Grant
By empowering conservation storytellers, we can bring the challenges of animals, ecosystems and rangers to the forefront and help educate the next generation and create a more sustaninable future. Our Environmental Justice Storytelling & Impact Grant is open to artists, journalists, writers, photographers and filmmakers undertaking bold and disruptive projects that inspire and elevate critical conservation issues.

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