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Mission Statement

The Last Animals Foundation 501(c)(3) raises awareness about the collapse of biodiversity on the planet while supporting on-the-ground conservation efforts in under-resourced ecosystems. We focus on park rangers, and their families, in geographical locations that have been plagued by conflict and insecurity and are home to critically important populations of species. Through empowering conservation storytellers, we bring the challenges and needs of ecosystems and rangers to the forefront and help educate the next generation.


Camp Dungu
After 14 children lost their fathers due to an ambush on rangers in Garamba National Park, we made a commitment to help the families of those park rangers in honor of their sacrifice and service. Over the past year we have fundraised for a new education and community center that will benefit the community. “Camp Dungu” is named after the river that runs through Garamba National Park. For every dollar raised, the European Union match funds. Construction of Camp Dungu is now underway.
Next Generation Conversation Literacy
Through our partnerships with the University of Michigan's School of Environment and Sustainability and Encounter Edu, we are expanding and accelerating conservation literacy in classrooms through virtual learning.
Environmental Justice Storytelling & Impact Grant
Our Environmental Justice Storytelling & Impact Grant is open to artists, journalists, writers, photographers and filmmakers undertaking bold and disruptive projects that inspire and elevate critical conservation issues.

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Climate Change
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