The Full Belly Project


Mission Statement

To design and distribute innovative, sustainable technologies with our local community that empower people all over the world to improve their own lives.


Our vision is one where all people are empowered with recources to change their lives through sustainable solutions to improve food security, better their health and increase their income.
Our local community consists of global citizens who take action to build communities that thrive through partnership.

Program Details

BETA Club Project
Nearly 100 Hoggard High School Beta Club members volunteered with Full Belly to fundraise, educate and build 10 Rocker Water Pumps, our easy to use irrigation system made from recycled materials. Five of these RWP's were brought to Tanzania by a local family, the Batish's, to empower the local community.
Zambia, 2019
Our Executive Director and Founder traveled to Zambia in March to educate and support the community in partnership with the local co-op, the Chipata District Farmers Association. The objective was to share knowledge about the dangers of Aflatoxin, a mold byproduct with deteremental side effects, how to recognize it, how to use our Aflatoxin Test Kit to test levels and post online for sale, and the maintanace and use of our Universal Nut Sheller. The UNS allows peanuts to be shelled faster, reducing the amount of time that Aflatoxin can grow and thrive in storage. Learn more on our website under International Projects!
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