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Forest Park Conservancy's mission is focused on protecting Forest Park's ecological health while encouraging responsible recreation and access. We believe these values are not only consistent, they are interdependent: the more people visit Forest Park and experience just how special a place this is, the more the public will support and value it. And the more people value this unique urban forest, the brighter its future will be. That's why our stewardship staff, seasonal technicians, and 1,000+ volunteers spend many hours in the field every year.

Mission Statement

Forest Park Conservancy restores and protects Forest Park, Portland's 5,200 acre urban forest. Guided by the Greater Forest Park Conservation Initiative, we maintain trails, restore habitat, and inspire community appreciation for our greatest natural treasure.

Program Details

1.) Trails
Forest Park Conservancy partners with Portland Parks & Recreation to maintain and improve the soft surface trails in Forest Park for the use and enjoyment of thousands of visitors each year. We conduct trail maintenance and trail improvement projects year-round, through the sun, (partial sun,) rain, hail and sometimes snow. Portland’s wet climate, topography and geology make keeping these trails dry and evenly graded a challenge, which we take on every year through thousands of hours of work contributed by hundreds of volunteers, volunteer crew leaders, trail interns and one full-time staff member. Trail work varies with the seasons and, for much of the year, focuses on keeping the Northwest’s bountiful rainfall from damaging and eroding the trails.
2.) Greater Forest Park Conservation Initiative
Called the Greater Forest Park Conservation Initiative (GFPCI), Forest Park Conservancy has created a visionary roadmap to restore and protect not just Forest Park, but its entire surrounding ecosystem totaling more than 15,000 acres.
At its core, the GFPCI is an environmental action plan that prioritizes strategies and projects that will have the greatest positive impact on improving the health of Forest Park. The GFPCI is focused on four key goals and conservation activities, including:
Streams: Protecting and improving water quality in the Park’s more than 30 miles of streams, to safeguard watershed functions and human health
Connectivity: Protecting and improving the connectivity between Forest Park, the Tualatin Mountains, the Coast Range and the Willamette River
Forests: Maintaining and improving forests to support diversity, environmental integrity, connectivity and complexity
Wildlife: Maintaining and protecting native wildlife diversity The GFPCI is a significant undertaking in many ways. In addition to identifying needed restoration efforts inside the Park, the GFPCI recognizes the importance of the larger link between Forest Park and the Coast Range. The GFPCI also calls for protection and restoration efforts in areas immediately adjacent to the Park, to help stop the continual re-infestation of invasives and other threats from the outside of the Park’s boundaries.
3.) Stewardship
Each year, the Forest Park Conservancy organizes free, guided hikes to help people learn more about Forest Park and all the ways they can enjoy the park. From learning about plants to taking great photos to getting insights into the history of Forest Park, there's a hike or workshop for everyone. Led by knowledgeable staff and local experts, Discovery Hikes are a great way to learn more about Forest Park. Join a hike and meet others who share your interests. Hikes are free of charge and have varying degrees of difficulty.
Primary Issue
Climate Change
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