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Mission Statement

The Climate Council is Australia’s leading climate change communications organisation. We provide authoritative, expert advice to the Australian public on climate change and solutions based on the most up-to-date science available.


When the Australian Climate Commission was abolished in 2013, the public rallied against the decision. The resulting crowd-funding campaign saw the relaunch of the Climate Council, founded by tens of thousands of Australians to create a new, independent and 100% community-funded organisation..
We’re made up of some of the country’s leading climate scientists, health, renewable energy and policy experts, as well as a team of staff, and a huge community supporters who power our work. As an independent voice on climate change, we get climate stories into the media, produce hard-hitting reports, call out misinformation as we see it and promote climate solutions such as the transition to renewables.

Program Details

Over the past financial year, the Climate Council has focused on three strategic priorities:
1. Consistently communicate the localised impacts of extreme weather events and educate Australians on how they are influenced by climate change.
2. Build a strong narrative on solutions to climate change, capturing the public’s imagination on the possibilities of renewable energy and the need to rapidly transition away from fossil fuels.
3. In the absence of federal action on climate change, provide local councils and communities with the tools and skills to enact change from the bottom up.
To achieve these outcomes, we’ve written 94 publications, reached hundreds of millions of people through the media and worked alongside scientists, firefighters, health professionals, teachers, local governments and planners to make sure that climate change is front and centre.
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Climate Change
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Climate Change
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