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Mission Statement

Our mission is to use reforestation tackle climate change and poverty by growing trees with smallholder farmers.


Taking Root is an award winning reforestation not for profit on a mission to tackle climate change and poverty. They work with farming families in Latin America to grow forests on previously under used land. Over the last 10 years they have created extraordinary impact, growing over 5 million trees, helping reforest an area the size equivalent to 4,000 football fields, supporting over 1,000 families and storing over 700,000 tonnes of CO2.

Program Details

Taking Root's unique impact comes from its belief that for reforestation to be a successful solution to tackle climate change, the trees have to benefit and be valuable to local communities. Taking Root's Communitree programme is built around putting the needs of the farmers it works with first. The forests Taking Root grows are creating financial resilience for over 1,000 farming families traditionally earning only $2 a day.
Situated in the North of Nicaragua, the new forests are providing valuable sources of income for communities through financial incentives and local forest enterprises such as coffee and woodcrafts, helping build sustainable livelihoods. The forests also provide numerous local climate adaption benefits to farmers, helping protect their crops as well as containing a rich biodiversity, providing a home for over 100 native tree species, tropical birds and numerous ground animals.
Taking Root's pioneering use of forest monitoring and satellite technology also provides unparalled transparency into the impacts of the project, giving partners access to see the progress across every farm while helping the program create a reforestation project of real quality. Taking Root has won awards from organizations including the Rainforest Alliance for their best in class monitoring approach and software, FARM-TRACE.
Taking Root is currently growing rapidly with significant demand on the ground from farmers wanting to turn their unused land into forests. We are seeking partners to help continue to expand the programme and its impacts
Primary Issue
Climate Change
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