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The mission of Sycamore Land Trust is to preserve the beauty, health and diversity of southern Indiana's landscape through strategic land conservation and environmental education.
Sycamore protects 9,320 acres of land and more each year. This includes old-growth forest, wetlands, former farms reverting back to nature, working family farms like Capriole Goat Farm, and land that was once coal mines - but is now restored to lush prairie and wetlands bursting with wildlife. Sycamore will preserve these properties for forever. We actively steward our properties by planting native plants and trees, removing invasive plants, and we do NOT allow commercial timbering on the properties that we own.
Connecting people to nature is part of Sycamore’s mission, so we have created and maintain 16 public nature preserves in southern Indiana, and provide environmental education programs for thousands of people a year at schools and our nature preserves and other properties, for youth groups like Head Start and Boys & Girls Clubs, and other organizations that serve people of all ages and abilities. We also work with schools to build native plant gardens on schoolyards.
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