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Mission Statement

Sustainable Works fosters healthy and equitable communities to heal our natural environment through interactive events, educational programs and green business initiatives


Sustainable Works is a non-profit environmental education organization and a project of Community Partners. We have existed in various capacities since 1998. We work with cities, communities, businesses, organizations, schools and universities in LA County to reach their sustainability goals. We active and engage communities by keeping abreast of information and statistics relating to all areas of sustainability, and continuously modifying measures and indicators as well as associated programs and incentives. We provide people with the knowledge, resources and tools to integrate solutions into their daily lives and inspire them to be sustainable leaders – at home, school and at work.

Program Details

All Sustainable Works’ educational programs raise awareness regarding local, regional and national environmental issues and provide solutions, tools and resources in six areas:
♦Water conservation
♦Energy conservation
♦Waste reduction
♦Pollution Prevention/ Transportation
♦ Procurement (Shopping & Food)
We offer three Greening Programs, each designed to reach a specific area of the community.
Green Business Program provides businesses with the tools and resources to incorporate sustainable practices into their daily operations with aim to reduce costs, waste output and environmental impact. We assess each business' current operations, provide them with a short and long term Action Plan under the guidelines of the California Green Business Network (CAGBN)
Student Greening Program is based on a unique community-building, peer-to-peer workshop series where students teach each other to incorporate sustainable practices into their daily lives, developing the next generation of environmental leaders.
Community Sustainability Program coordinates educational, interactive sustainability events, which are free, and open to the public. The goal of the Community Sustainability Program is to encourage community members to adopt sustainable behaviors.
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