Sustainable Tahoe


Mission Statement

Facilitating the emergence of Geotourism in the Tahoe watershed, so visitors are inspired to; Walk Softly, Respect Wildlife and Share Gratitude


Tahoe cannot afford visitors who do not embrace stewardship at some level.
Founded on the 12 principles and 4 steps of Geotourism, created by National Geographic Center for Sustainable Destinations, Sustainable Tahoe's devoted volunteers (since May 2007) have been actively creating, facilitating and promoting sustainable adventures that inspire visitors to adopt principles of stewardship will help preserve our precious water for all days now and when.

Program Details

Current projects include:
WALK SOFTLY Washoe Inspired Earth Walk: Creating "Earth Walk" sites from South Lake to Pyramid Lake. Each site has; parking, bathroom, visitor center, Galis Dungal (native shelter) and short wandering trail/loop. An interactive journal guides people on how to slow down to smell, feel, listen and notice the shapes of water, sounds have new meaning,
RESPECT WILDLIFE Wildlife is being blamed and killed for human error, behavior and activity. Many visitors are not even aware Tahoe is home to numerous species, who now require protection as human development redefines their habitat. We are working on legislation to protect corridors and have signage to inform visitors that Tahoe is wildlife habaitat.
SHARE GRATITUDE Indigenous people had an ongoing relationship with the land, plants, water, wildlife and air, because it was, and still is, critical to their survival. An active and mindful relationship to nature is actually still critical to our survival. So we have created a line of Gratitude Products that carry a message of stewardship and ways we can revive a culture of gratitude that will preserve this beauty for generations to come.
Primary Issue
Climate Change
PO 3206
Incline Village, NV 89450
United States
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