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Sustainable Surf first "paddled out" in 2011, when co-founders Michael Stewart and Kevin Whilden saw an opportunity to help create a new vision for a truly sustainable surf culture.
Sustainable Surf operates by defining a vision and story that defines a positive role for people and brands in surf culture and beyond. Then, we create "action pathways" that make it easy for everyone to start taking action to achieve the new vision.
Every change for better in the world starts with a few pioneering individuals and companies. We believe that surfers can be these pioneers, and their actions will catalyze a rapid shift around the planet to protect and regenerate ocean health and ecosystems.

Mission Statement

Sustainable Surf is the catalyst that transform surf culture into a powerful force to protect ocean health.

Program Details

The programs of Sustainable Surf are targeted at key barriers that prevent surf culture from achieving sustainability around the world. These programs are:
SeaTrees: helps brands and individuals support ocean health regeneration around the world, by wiping out their climate impact. (brand partnerships with SeaTrees)
The ECOBOARD Project: transforms the surfboard into one of the best examples of a sustainable product.
Waste to Waves: redefines "waste as a resource" by working with companies that recycle common waste into desirable consumer goods.
Deep Blue Events: helps surf constests become dramatically more sustainable
Primary Issue
Climate Change
Secondary Issue
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