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Mission Statement

The Surfrider Foundation USA is a U.S. 501c grassroots non-profit environmental organization that works to protect and preserve the world's oceans, waves and beaches. We focus on these key areas: water quality, beach access, clean water, beach and surf spot preservation, and sustaining marine and coastal ecosystems.


Founded in 1984 in Malibu, CA, The Surfrider Foundation is a community of everyday people who passionately protect our playground - the ocean, waves, and beaches that provide us so much enjoyment. Our irreplaceable national network of chapter volunteers serves as the first response to local threats in coastal communities across the US. They are the boots on the ground who collaborate on both the local and national level with regional staff and issue experts to carry out our mission through campaign, program and educational initiatives in their local communities.

Program Details

Our ocean faces growing challenges from pollution, offshore development and climate change. We run successful programs that combat these threats such as Ocean Friendly Restaurants, Beach Clean Ups, Ocean Friendly Gardens, Blue Water Task Force, Hold On To Your Butts and Rise Above Plastics. Our ocean and special places must be proactively protected before they are threatened and stem the tide before further damage is done to the ocean’s health. This is precisely why Surfrider has built a network of passion-driven people who are on the ground and are the voice for our ocean and beaches. With one foot in the sand and the other in the water, Surfrider is the only non-profit organization who is 100% focused on our coasts.
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Climate Change
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