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Mission Statement

Helping to preserve the oceans and marine life. We seek to connect people again with the environment and turn them into agents of change. We are specially focused on water sportmen and sportwomen and students.


Since we got borned in 2014 we have always focused in specific projects combined with promoting an attitude that can be shared by anyone: “Each time you go surfing collect something from the beach”. It is a small action, but performed by a great deal of surfers almost daily could become into a change of attitude that would eventually inspire the rest of the population.
During these years we've performed the following activities: Educational, artistic, collaborative, scientific, events and awareness campaigns. (More info at
We don’t ask for money to our associates as we only work by projects. Our two main projects during 2020 are: “Defence of the Natural Aquatic Spaces” for TD1 Surfing Coaches and “Learning through Surfing” for primary schools.
The first of them is underway since 2016 and has reached around 1.000 surfing coaches.
The second one is underway since 2018 and has reached 1.600 students and is aiming to 3.000 students next school year.

Program Details

We have right now 3 main projects undergoing:
Defence of the natural aquatic spaces: divided in two levels.
1st one is included in the official formation given by Surfing Federations in Spain to obtain the title of Surfing Coach.
The second one is directed to surfing school's managers or directors, it is an official tittle recognized by Top Sports Council in Spain and enable these directors to form their own staff to protect the oceans, to transmit in their surfing lessons and to recognize threatens on their beach.
Learn through Surfing:
The project “Learning through Surfing” has a natural vocation of growing to all the coastline of Spain. It is impulsed by Spanish Surfing Federation and Surf and Clean (in collaboration only with Surfing Schools that are formed in DEAN “Defence of the Natural Aquatic Spaces”) and it counts with the endorsement of the Spanish Olympic Committee. Surfing will be olympic from 2021 and its popularity will increase as it is being impulsed internationally.
Context and issues: Our project has been growing organically, from a little town in Murcia in 2018-2019 with little surfing tradition to 7 little towns in Galicia in 2019-2020 with surfing tradition. Nowadays it is not active in any island of Spain and we would like Minorca to be our door to this kind of communities because it is not very crowded and it is recognized as a biosphere reserve.
- Introducing Surfing in primary schools as a practice that includes within it an active defence of the seas. The idea is to use the high transforming power of surfing in people and create surfers that are conscient inside and outside of the water. This way they will lead a change of behavior in daily habits.
- Helping to create awareness and a better understanding of plastic pollution problem and other threatens to the sea locally.
- Creating a working network within different stakeholders like: primary schools, surfing schools, surfing federation, teachers, pupils, parents, town halls and the insular government.
- Creating a supporting network of private companies such as integrated waste management systems, water management, renewable energy productors, eco-products that are real options to avoid plastic pollution like eco-solar block packed with no plastic or reusable bottles...etc. They also support the project with educational content about their products and/or activities.
- Proposing concrete and measurable actions each year to address the plastic pollution problem. These actions are proposed by the students and applied by students at home, primary schools, surfing schools and may also be applied by town halls. (It is said that 1 child can change 7 adults).
- Enhancing the creation of a deep and spiritual link between people and the sea that leads them to protect what they love. (Create agents of change)
I don't support this anymore: This campaign is addressed to stop using single-use plastic bags and or any single-use plastic item.

Primary Issue
Secondary Issue
Climate Change
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