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Support + Feed is a community resource that engages the plant based food movement to not just provide meals but also to reduce environmental impact, expand nutrition health education, and boost resilience in neighborhoods by creating food pipelines that feed those most in need while supporting small business communities surrounding local plant based restaurants.
Support + Feed’s innovative approach to food insecurity utilizes local plant based restaurants to support community led organizations, going beyond just providing meals at the lowest possible cost which is the only measure of success in traditional meal programs. Instead our focus is on how we can support our local communities and environment by providing the resources they are looking for while supporting small businesses. We partner with local restaurants to make delicious nutrient dense meals to support the local business community while also maintaining a minimal environmental footprint with plant based foods. The goal is to help the community thrive how they need while empowering people of all ages to incorporate healthy eating choices and end food apartheids.
Each meal is chef-created for Support + Feed to be nutrient dense, made with fresh produce that is far beyond the standard taste and quality provided by many meal service organizations. Coordinating with volunteers, restaurants, and sponsors we ensure the meals are safely delivered to community organizations throughout our cities. Since recipients love and are excited about the meals they receive, it creates a unique opportunity for Support + Feed to have a dialogue and share educational information about the health and environmental benefits of a plant-based diet. We maintain a consistent presence with our meal deliveries in each city to gain trust and so our recipients can rely on us which helps to open meaningful dialogues about food and the environment. Our role at Support + Feed is to genuinely support the community, acting as a connector and facilitator to nourish, support, and educate the communities that have welcomed us into their homes.
Across our cities the programs essentially run in a similar modular fashion with the same requirements and onboarding process, allowing for some flexibility based on community needs. Partner restaurants are required to serve plant based menus in their regular business operations, provide balanced meals that include fresh ingredients and produce, help spread awareness of Support + Feeds mission, and follow all safety guidelines by local health departments and those of the CDC.
Community organizations receiving the donated meals are vetted to ensure they are effective in their mission, follow all laws and guidelines for charities, serve their communities in a holistic way, and provide the opportunity to Support + Feed to help further our mission’s goals. Each city has a team of volunteers who have the flexibility to work with as many restaurants or organizations that they can efficiently accommodate and resources are often shared so we can work together to find best practices while still understanding individual needs. Fundraising is done through the main organization and also locally as restaurant partners in each city will also offer their customers the opportunity to purchase meals to donate for our mission. Support + Feed is currently doing deliveries everyday of the week across our 4 cities with a team of 14 core volunteers that manage the day to day activities, then in addition to this we have volunteers who help with deliveries or on specific projects as the need arises. Support + Feed acts as a bridge, facilitating and coordinating meals while also educating on nutrition and environmental impact.
Important milestones to date:
-Expanded to 4 cities; Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia and Washington DC -At the end of October 2020 we delivered over 55,000 in La, NYC, PHL, and Washington DC
-Successfully ran a summer meal program in partnership with BGC for 5 weeks, 5 days a week
-Built an active and engaged social audience with 48k followers
- Activated 6 cities to feed people in food insecure neighborhoods at polling centers from October 30-November 3 including New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Atlanta, and Phoenix.

Mission Statement

Support + Feed provides plant based meals prepared by local restaurants and businesses to people experiencing food insecurity in BIPOC and other communities, with several goals: nourish those in need, provide education, support the small business community, and positively impact the climate crisis.

Program Details

Current Initiatives:
-Delivering weekly meals for families to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Los Angeles
-Serving community organizations weekly across all cities
-Creating a holiday family meal boxes that includes recipes and educational information to families who struggling fromm the pandemic
- Creating a Holiday: Gratitude and Giving Back Campaign to message the importance of community.
- Sponsorships for our Plant Based Party series for 2021 - using plant based food and education to help stop climate change.
Future Goals:
-Create a robust education program made by content creators and teachers that utilizes doctors, chefs, and influencers to help educate about plant based nutrition and the impact it has on the environment
-Finalize impact study to determine exactly what type of impact we are having on the restaurants we work with, their communities, and the environmental footprint of a plant based meal
-Connect restaurants to kids, or provide more learning opportunities
Primary Issue
Secondary Issue
Climate Change
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