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Support and Feed is a volunteer run organization currently operating in Los Angeles, New York, and Philadelphia, with a three-part mission: 1. Nourish and feed the ever increasing number of people in need due to the Covid-19 crisis, including families, children, and marginalized/BIPOC individuals and groups, with meals made from plant-based food prepared by restaurants within their own communities; 2. Support the survival of plant-based food restaurants, their employees, and their extended farm-to-table small business communities in participating locations by purchasing meals from them for delivery through partnerships with vetted organizations such as homeless and women’s shelters, family and children’s programs, food banks, senior centers, LGBTQ programs and community centers; 3. Raise awareness and educate the public at large about the importance of a plant-based diet to address the climate crisis & support the health of the planet, and advocate for plans to require 50% plant-based meals in food service programs and organizations serving children, families, and those in need.
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