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Mission Statement

Where children design a better future using new technologies.


Worldwide there are 2 billion children of school going age. How can we prepare them to prosper in this rapidly changing, increasingly technological and complex world? This question is being answered through the designathon method. The method highlights the natural ability of children to come up with creative technological concepts for a better future.We help to empower and unleash children’s creativity and to spread awareness about the importance of engaging children as co-designers of society.
Our goals is to reach more than a million children around the world with our Desingathon method. All our activities are focussed on increasing our impact on children and the rest of the world.

Program Details

How can we help children to consider the challenges of their generation, and to design a better world for themselves and for the planet?  Armed with these urgent questions, 15 years experience in designing education programs in widely diverse contexts from Afghanistan to the Netherlands, plus a belief that all children can contribute to designing a better world, we at Designathon Works are working to meet this challenge by developing and spreading our unique Designathon method in classrooms and after school programs around the world, through hosting bespoke designathon workshops for companies & organizations, and through our own Global Children's Designathon held around the globe annually.
Current educational systems focus on knowledge transfer for a bygone age and lack the know-how to cultivate technological literacy & creativity. This is where Designathon Works steps in to fill the gap with Designathon method which develops all competency-skills and character quality skills for children called by the OECD: 21st century competencies. Our Future Ready method allows children to conceptualize, build, and present their solutions to social and environmental issues based on the UN's list of Sustainable Development Goals.  The method includes access to easy-to-understand teaching materials for ages 4 to 12, and guides children to apply their knowledge in math, science, and technology to develop a set of skills to help them design innovative solutions for a better future. 
Through Designathon Workshops, we enable companies to tap into the natural space of play within a child and among children, to stimulate their creativity, engagement in social issues, and from there, challenge them to design solutions for a company's theme or issues, aided by the use of modern technology. To accommodate the needs of different types of customers we offer the following:
  1. Full Designathon or Mini-Designathon workshop. During which children invent, build and present their self-devised solutions to the theme or issue of the comapny's choice. It is facilitated by Designathon Works, with the possibility to engage the company's crew as well.
  2. Micro-Designathon workshop, during which the crew-members invent, build and present their self-devised solutions to the theme or issue of their choice.
  3. Designathon challenge, a tailor-made education program in which children are invited to compete and solve the problem around the theme or issue of the company's choice. All is facilitated by Designathon Works.
Our efforts culminate in the annual Global Children's Designathon - a one-day event where children in cities worldwide come together to design innovate concepts for one of the SDGs. The theme of 2018 was SDG #15: Life on Land. This event is concluded with a global research and a bundled report showing the outcome of the research as well as amplifying the ideas and voices of the children on the topic.
Primary Issue
Climate Change
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