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Mission Statement

Through collaboration and partnerships empower citizens and community to steward natural resources.


Stewardship Grey Bruces strives to meet its mandate of Sustaining Natural Resources Together by supporting various programs including the Piping Plover (Charadrius melodus) Outreach, Education and Stewardship Program along the Lake Huron Shoreline; Soil and Water Stewardship; reparian habitat enhancement and providing stewardship experiences to youth.
The board of Stewardship Grey Bruce believes that it is possible to enhance and maintain healthy, vibrant and sustainable communities through natural resource stewardship.
In Ontario's Grey and Bruce counties, it is our goal:
To promote resource sustainability and a healthy environment for present and future generations. We address this in part, through our involvement in the Piping Plover Recovery Program.
To promote and initiate community programs through partnerships. Outreach, education and stewardship of our natural resources - whether related to the species who use habitat or the habitat itself - requires collaboration and partnership in order to be successful.
To provide opportunities to influence landowners to steward natural resources. Education and outreach are the primary means through which we connect with landowners.
To offer comprehensive education opportunities that promote good stewardship. Interpretive programming for students in local schools, visitors to the beach and rural landowners is key.
To balance social and economic values with the natural environment and natural resource based economy of Grey and Bruce Counties. We believe that long-term social and economic benefits will only result from a full understanding of our natural resources and how we can enhance and maintain them.

Program Details

Piping Plover (Charadrius melodus) Outreach, Education and Stewardship Program along the Lake Huron Shoreline.
The Piping Plover Outreach, Education Stewardship program engages & educates the public on Piping Plover & their recovery via on-beach public engagement, presentations, events, activities, handouts, print & social media and community contacts all serving to raise awareness & appreciation for this endangered species sharing our shores. Also provided is a level of threat mitigation to the plovers, and citizen science data collection.
Some of our key objectives include:
To inspire and enable people to become involved in species at risk stewardship and protection through outreach, volunteer recruitment, activities and other forms of engagement.
To promote the benefits of nesting Piping Plover as an ecotourism attraction, and a resultant economic, environmental and social benefit to the local municipality and the business community. This includes working toward instilling a sense of community pride by contribting to the recovery of a rare, endangered species.
To support dune and beach conservation management practices to protect habitat of Piping Plover, promote and increase appreciation of healthy beaches for people and plovers.
To build inter-provincial and international connections with other nesting site locations or wintering area, their stewardship groups and programs in order to share information and ideas, to promote open and timely communications on relevant matters and to increase overall knowledge of plover life-cycle.

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