SR3 (Sealife Response, Rehabilitation and Research)


Mission Statement

SR3 is dedicated to promoting the health and welfare of marine wildlife in the Pacific Northwest.


SeaLife Response, Rehabilitation, and Research (SR3) fills critical gaps in marine wildlife protection in the Pacific Northwest. Originally founded in 2011, initially the all-volunteer organization focused on public outreach to help people understand the need for marine wildlife response in the region. Then in 2016, we were able to hire staff and launch field programs for the first time.
Today the organization provides emergency marine animal response along the entire 3,000 miles of coastline in Washington, including the Salish Sea and outer coast, as well as Oregon – filling an important niche in the West Coast’s marine mammal stranding network. We also work to address the root cause of marine animal health issues by building scientific understanding and sharing our knowledge through community outreach.

Program Details

RESPONSE - From injured seals to entangled whales, we are the only organization in the region dedicated to delivering emergency care in the field for them. We partner with other non-profit and government agencies to be on call for response to marine animals in distress. In fact, our marine wildlife ambulance, response vessels, and experienced team stand ready year-round to deploy on land or sea.
RESEARCH - Our scientific research projects are centered around vulnerable whale and dolphin populations. Currently a major focus is the region’s endangered population of Southern Resident killer whales. Using non-invasive aerial drones, we regularly collect critical health data on this population, which the federal government relies on when making decisions about intervention efforts for ailing individuals as well as policies which benefit the entire population.
REHABILITATION - We envision a future where marine animals in the Pacific Northwest can be protected from human impacts and receive life-saving care when they are in distress. As part of that vision, we are currently working to open the region’s first dedicated marine animal hospital in 2020.
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