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Mission Statement

Sprout City Farms builds educational urban farms to engage and strengthen communities, drive neighborhoods to be more resilient, and root farmers in the city. We envision a thriving local food system supported by a network of accessible city farms which nourish, and are nourished by, their surrounding community.


Since 2010, Sprout City Farms has built:
  1. Denver Green School Community Farm, a 1-acre organic vegetable farm established in 2011 in partnership with Denver Public Schools;
  2. Mountair Park Community Farm, a 1.5-acre organic vegetable farm established in 2014 in partnership with the City of Lakewood;
  3. Dahlia Campus Farm, a 1-acre organic vegetable farm established in 2016 in partnership with the Mental Health Center of Denver (now managed by MHCD).
Sprout City Farms’ guiding principles are to:
  • Create opportunities for residents of our farm communities to have equal access to fresh produce and the knowledge of how to produce it themselves.
  • Cultivate engaging community spaces where residents of all ages come together to build relationships around food.
  • Conserve scarce urban lands and/or maximize the potential of underutilized urban land for food production.
  • Care for the land we farm in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible way, focusing on small-scale organic methods that encourage biodiversity, soil building, pollinator protection, and cultural heritage.
  • Create opportunities for urban farmers to make a living growing food for their communities.
  • Develop and lead a coalition of urban agriculture organizations to grow the local food movement and form a training pipeline for aspiring farmers and food systems advocates.

Program Details

SCF produces 10-12,000 lbs of food at each farm site, every year. Produce is distributed through a diverse array of programs, with over one third of the harvest going to support community food access:
  • CSA (Community Supported Agriculture): sponsored/free, work/trade, SNAP/EBT, and traditional paid shares for 60+ households at each farm
  • Donation-based farm stands
  • Farm to Cafeteria for local schools
  • Produce donations to local food pantries and school backpack programs
SCF also hosts educational opportunities for youth and adults alike throughout the season, including: farmer training (intern/apprenticeships), volunteer days, farm camps, field trips, tours, workshops, classes, community celebration events, and more.
Our strategic goals:
EDUCATION & PROFESSIONAL TRAINING – increase knowledge of how to grow, prepare, and enjoy local seasonal foods and support the farmers who produce them.
FOOD PRODUCTION & ACCESS – produce enough local, healthy and nutritious produce to feed whole neighborhoods surrounding our farm sites, and distribute it equitably in the community.
COLLABORATIVE COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS – work with community partners to grow and build resiliency into the local food system.
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