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Mission Statement

Our mission is to create communities powered by locally-controlled clean energy


Many communities in our region are already experiencing the human costs of climate change with higher physical and mental health risks, economic instability, and unpredictable energy costs. Historical injustices, coupled with rising temperatures, put low-income communities, Native American tribes, and communities of color disproportionally at risk.
At Spark Northwest we believe creating communities powered by locally controlled clean energy is interconnected to promoting a just society. Through distributed energy projects that allow for community-level participation and equitable ownership, we can reduce the energy burden while aspiring to build wealth for frontline communities.
Through renewable energy projects and policy reform we seek to:
  • Decrease the cost of renewable energy technologies
  • Increase the amount of distributed energy to achieve a Pacific Northwest that is 100% powered by renewable energy
  • Increase access to clean energy for middle- and low-income households
  • Grow local economies and increase community resiliency through locally sourced energy projects
Learn more about our commitment to creating an equitable clean energy future here.

Program Details

Community Energy Projects

We help communities overcome the barriers to adopt clean energy. Our team combines knowledge, tools, and technical expertise with citizen leadership to train communities to complete renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. We provide technical assistance with planning, project design, resource evaluation, economic modeling, permitting assistance and contractor selection. Our projects are designed to prioritize community involvement and accountability. Learn more about our energy efficiency, solar, wind and rural and tribal energy projects.

Community Energy Policy

Community Energy projects can only happen if we have strong policies reducing the barriers to implementation and encouraging development at the local level. We are known for our ability to work with a broad network of public and private entities to influence local policies and legislative bills. We draw on our tactical experience to advocate for policy reform that paves the way for widespread adoption of clean energy. We build coalitions, draft and advocate for bills, and participate in policy-making to alleviate barriers for low-income communities, communities of color, and Native American tribes to adopt clean energy.  Learn more about our advocacy efforts here.
Primary Issue
Climate Change
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