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Mission Statement

Here at SOS, we change young lives, building character and leadership in underserved kids through mentoring outdoors.


No matter what social, societal, or economic barriers exist—SOS Outreach believes every child deserves the opportunity to thrive. We start with powerful outdoor experiences. Because it’s on the slopes or the trail that kids unearth the courage to step outside of their comfort zones, discover new strengths within themselves and develop lifelong skills. Through our proven curriculum, we empower kids in our communities to discover their true potential.
Only SOS Outreach has the mountain access, proven 10-year progressive curriculum, network of industry partners, and engaged mentors that allow us to provide successful outdoor youth development programs. It’s how we forge powerful relationships and teach life skills that sets us apart and connects us to our supporters.
We use a progressive curriculum that evolves with kids as they advance through our programs. Each year, kids learn new outdoor skills and life skills based on their age and circumstances. For younger participants, this might mean getting along with peers and taking personal responsibility for their homework. For older youth, the focus shifts to developing leadership skills and mentoring younger participants in the program.

Program Details

SOS programs begin with an introductory ski or snowboard experience. It’s amazing what you learn about yourself by strapping on a piece of wood and flying down a snow-covered mountain. These kids experience a sense of accomplishment that only comes from trying something new — and nailing it!

Next is the mentoring program, a four-year program that combines on-mountain skill building and in-community leadership development. As kids progress from bunny hills to black diamonds, they also begin to experience a shift from “just a participant” to a natural leader. They take risks. They take ownership of their actions. And their newfound self-esteem begins to permeate all aspects of life.

With this newfound knowledge and confidence, older participants graduate from the mentoring program and become a mentor in their own right. Peer mentors are paired with youth in the early years of the mentor program, showing them the ropes during the ride days and other off-hill workshops and activities. These kids pass on the knowledge and joy they experienced to the next generation of SOS participants. From here, classmates and families begin to emulate their success, ultimately lifting everyone in their sphere of influence.
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