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Mission Statement

Our mission is to work with our community to identify and lead actions that achieve and sustain ecological health in Sonoma Valley.


Sonoma Ecology Center was founded in 1990 following that year's Earth Day celebration in the city of Sonoma. Our main programs are Research, Education, and Restoration. Sonoma Valley is our home base, our lab. We strive to create models for other communities. We work outside Sonoma Valley to share successes, learn from others, and address processes and forces that affect Sonoma Valley.

Program Details

We embrace and practice the following values in order to achieve our vision:
Biodiversity: We value natural ecosystems and the diverse animals and plants they support. We are inspired by the beauty of Sonoma Valley. We work to protect and restore native species and habitats of our region for future generations.
Sustainability: Economic vitality rests on a foundation of social well-being, which in turn rests on a foundation of ecological health. We seek multi-benefit solutions to the environmental, social, and economic challenges facing our community.
Evidence-Based Action: Watershed management actions should be informed by science and local empirical data. We conduct environmental monitoring to inform local and regional decisions.
Education: Sharing science-based information equips people to make the best decisions for themselves and the earth. We have education programs for youth, teens, and adults to support an informed and empowered community.
Stewardship: Every action counts. Individual participation is essential to protect and restore our natural resources. We engage community members as partners in our work.
Collaborative Problem Solving: For every problem there are common-ground solutions that can be discovered through open discussion and innovation. We strive to work with all stakeholders—including residents, government, agriculture, students, and businesses—to solve problems and build community.
Be the Change: Act locally to replicate globally. We learn from others and create and share models, techniques, and tools that others can use.
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