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Solar Oregon has been helping communities around our state to adopt clean, renewable energy for over four decades. Through educational workshops, tours, community building, and innovative partnerships like solarize campagins we bring the financial, environmental, resilience, and energy independence benefits of solar to those who need it most.

Mission Statement

Leading the way to a clean energy future where human prosperity is achieved through efficient technology and renewable energy.

Program Details

Basics of Solar - Our longest-running program is our Basics of Solar workshops and webinars, which we deliver for communities across the state. By providing home and business owners with an understanding of the solar installation process and available incentives, we help to cut through the complexity of solar adoption.
Solarize - Solar Oregon helped to develop the world's first "solarize" campaign in 2009 in Portland, and communities across Oregon and around the world have since adopted the model. By encouraging whole communities to go solar together through a bulk-purchasing discount, solarize campaigns make solar both more affordable and more fun.
Peer-to-Peer Education - Solar energy travels through social networks: you are more likely to go solar if you know someone who has solar. At the same time, racial disparities exist in solar adoption, even when correcting for income. By amplifying the voices of underserved communities (urban and rural) through multi-media storytelling, we are helping to correct racial disparities in the clean energy economy and communicate the value of solar in culturally and linguistically relevant ways.
Solar Tours - Sometimes the best way to learn about something is to see it with your own eyes. Local solar tours are a great way to communicate the benefit of clean energy, and to create new connections between neighbors.
Primary Issue
Climate Change
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