Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC)


Mission Statement

To provide our community with practical solutions for urban sustainability.


SPEC is one of Canada’s oldest urban environmental non-profits. Since 1969 its volunteer-driven advocacy initiatives, educational programs and events have inspired countless residents of Greater Vancouver to take a stronger stand for the environment.
Our open education and outreach programs provide the community with tools to build greener cities together. We work with citizens, industry, community organizations and government agencies, putting our brains together to create a healthy environment we can call home. Our areas of work include:
  • Food - building a more sustainable and resilient local food system
  • Energy - promoting energy conservation and the use of renewable energy
  • Transportation - advocating for sustainable transportation
  • Waste - promoting practices that lead to waste reduction
  • Land and Water - helping to protect our green and blue spaces

Program Details

Our programs, workshops and events for the regional Vancouver community introduce greener ways to move forward and a positive dialogue across different perspectives.
Primary Issue
Climate Change
2305 West 7th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6K 1Y4
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