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Skutecne zdrava skola (SZS) is a non-governmental organization which manages an educational, awareness-raising and information programme for schools, school canteens, educators and pupils in order to raise awareness of the healthy food culture, local food and the relationship between consumed food and the state of the environment in which we live in order to encourage lasting and sustainable change to the way we all think about food, our communities, our environment and our health.
SZS goal is to improve the state of the school food and food culture: use more fresh seasonal and sustainably produced products from local farms, making good food the easy choice for everyone, reconnecting pupils with where their food comes from, teaching them how it’s grown and cooked, and championing the importance of well-sourced ingredients. The essential part of the programme and participating schools’ curricula is education on school garden, cooking classes, farm visits and involvement in the local community.
By the end of 2017 more than 300 schools with over 53 000 pupils are registered and implementing the programme. All schools in the programme receive resource packs and access to a personalised portal for the school where they'll find a wealth of resources to support all aspects of the programme. For teachers, cooking ladies, pupils and parents SZS offers practical training workshops and excursions.
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