Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower people to take action for the environmental transition,
1. LAND RESTORATION AND PERMACULTURE: develop a playground to research, develop, curate and display the tools and skills of self-reliance of land restoration: growing our organic food, building our houses, recreating local dynamics to build our collective resilience locally.
2. ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: we develop education programs for local school children, travellers, and local farmers to raise awareness on the global environmental crises and support positive action by spreading good practices.
3. EMPOWERMENT: we believe that a global transition is more likely to happen when people feel empowered to make a difference in their own lives. Our trained coaches are here to support individuals identify their values and needs, their passion and skills, and help them craft projects that respect the environment as much as their own aspirations.


Pai Seedlings is a grassroot organization that focuses on building local resilience through community development projects: organic and local farming (including beekeeping and aquaponics), sanitation, appropriate low tech, ecotourism solutions and education. We are a cooperation between an association loi 1901 in France, and a Foundation in Thailand. Both organizations were created in 2017.
We operate at the level of individuals/family to develop and spread lifestyle solutions to which everyone can relate and adopt: Damien and Lyse have started this project in 2016-17 right after their first son was born, a moment in life when most parents are most susceptible to compromise their dreams/values for safety/security.
We have also decided to start from scratch: the land we bought in 2016 had not a single tree growing, the soil was poor and abused (old rice paddies), no electricity, etc. In a few years, we have transformed it using permaculture to build fertility, increase biodiversity, allow water retention, and are now growing a substantial part of our diet. We have built ourselves the natural house in which we now live and use it as an education center. The reason for starting from zero is to prove that transformation can happen faster than we think.
All of this was done thanks to the cooperation of many and a strong desire to share the experience: we have had many volunteers come to learn and lend a hand, interns came to study and bring their knowledge, and locals are increasingly showing interest in our dynamics. After 3 years of work and moving onto the farm in November 2019, we feel we are now properly established and ready to move on to the next stage of the adventure: fostering a collective movement to enhance our resilience. The first step of this has been the creation in August 2020 of an organic cooperative to provide organic food to residents in Pai, whilst creating job offers and training opportunities for farmers willing to stop chemical farming.

Program Details

Internships: due to the COVID19 pandemic, all our internships programs are on hold.
Pai Organic Cooperative: started with 4 families and 1 local farmer in August 2020, the initiative already attracts more people who want to join the effort. With proper financing we will likely open the Coop to more families in October (end of monsoon) and thus be able to create one or more jobs for farmers to transition from chemical farming to organic/permaculture farming.
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