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SEE Turtles protects endangered sea turtles throughout Latin America and the world by supporting community-based conservation efforts. We support these efforts by bringing people to participate on conservation, raising funds for important turtle nesting beaches, and by educating travelers and the travel industy on how to protect these animals.


SEE Turtles launched in 2008 as the world's first effort to protect these species through ecotourism as a project of Ocean Conservancy and have been sponsored by The Ocean Foundation and Oceanic Society. We became an independent non-profit in 2016. In 2019, we were awarded the prestigious Changemakers Award from the World Travel & Tourism Council for our work protecting wildlife through tourism.
Our Billion Baby Turtles program provides support for important turtle nesting beaches and has helped save more than 1 million hatchlings. Too Rare To Wear is a campaign working to end the demand for turtleshell products. Our conservation trips provide volunteer and financial support for conservation efforts and our school programs help teachers and students learn about these incredible animals and how to protect them. Our latest program, Divers For Turtles, inspires divers and the dive industry to support turtle conservation efforts.

Program Details

Billion Baby Turtles provides critical funding for important turtle nesting beaches around the world where human activities such as egg consumption threaten sea turtle populations. To date, we have saved more than 2 million hatchlings at 25 nesting beaches around the world. Funding comes from sponsors, donors, school groups, and our conservation tours.
Too Rare To Wear is a coalition of conservation organizations, tour operators, and many others. Our goal is to end the sale of turtleshell products to travelers in Latin America to protect the critically endangered hawksbill sea turtle. We published a ground-breaking report detailing the trade in Latin America, have reached millions of people with our outreach, and have built a coalition of 150 tour operators and conservation organizations working together to end this trade.
SEE Turtles Conservation Tours are unique hands-on experiences that benefit sea turtle conservation programs across Latin America. To date, we have generated more than $1 million for local communites and protection efforts in six countries and brought more than 1,300 people to volunteer, totaling more than 5,000 work shifts.
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