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At the Seacoast Science Center, we believe that science-based education holds the key to inspiring conservation and bringing restorative, positive change to our environment. By experiencing the natural world and understanding our impacts on its delicate systems, everyone can learn to think critically and act pragmatically in ways that will improve the long-term health of our planet.
Seacoast Science Center strives to instill a commitment to conservation through the lens of our special location at New Hampshire’s Odiorne Point State Park, a unique coastal environment that offers a gateway to understanding the relationship between people, our local habitat, and the world at large. Here, visitors have a rare opportunity to experience first-hand the earth’s many different ocean and coastal environments including sandy beaches, rocky shores, tidal estuaries, diverse freshwater habitats, and woodlands.
Odiorne Point’s natural resources have nurtured people for generations, as the land and sea sustained the Abenaki Indians, the early European settlers, and even helped to protect our country during World War II during its days as Fort Dearborn. Today, Seacoast Science Center works in partnership with the N.H. Division of State Parks so that we can continue to preserve and share this jewel of a coastal environment with all who visit.

Mission Statement

Seacoast Science Center's mission is to spark curiosity, enhance understanding, and inspire conservation of our Blue Planet. Additionally, the mission of SSC's Marine Mammal Rescue Program is to Advancing wildlife conservation through stranded marine mammal response, care, and community outreach in New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts. ​

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