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Mission Statement

Save Bristol Bay is a group of individuals, organizations and businesses dedicated to protecting Bristol Bay, Alaska's wild salmon, jobs and communities from the proposed Pebble mine.


Save Bristol Bay has been working for over a decade to stop the proposed Pebble mine from being developed at the headwaters of the largest wild sockeye salmon fishery in the world. A campaign of Trout Unlimited's Alaska program, Save Bristol Bay works with tribes, commercial fishermen, recreational anglers and the tourism industry to ensure that the people whose livelihoods and cultures depend on the fishery are protected from the devastating Pebble proposal. Save Bristol Bay is committed to not only stopping the Pebble mine, but pursuing permanent protection for the southwest Alaska region from industrial mining operations.

Program Details

Goals and initiatives within the Save Bristol Bay campaign for 2019/2020:
  1. Keep public opposition to the proposed Pebble mine high, making the issue politically toxic to decision makers and elected officials including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (the Corps), Alaska’s congressional delegation, the Governor, etc.
  2. Defend the EPA’s 2014 Proposed Determination from withdrawals announced in August 2019 through litigation and continue to point out deficiencies in Pebble review process in the media.
  3. Secure Congressional and/or administrative action that addresses the Draft Environemntal Impact Statement inadequacies.
  4. Maintain high public scrutiny on the Dunleavy Administration that identifies conflicts of interest, and reprimands his administration for demonstrated support of Pebble and/or its permitting process. 
  5.  Organize unique voices, new narratives, and creative stories of impacts to communities that the Pebble project would bring. 

Primary Issue
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