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Mission Statement

Our mission is to defend San Francisco Bay from the biggest threats and hold polluters accountable.


Baykeeper is a fierce champion for San Francisco Bay. We patrol on the water, investigate pollution, hold polluters accountable, and strengthen the laws that protect the Bay and the people of the Bay Area. For more than 30 years, our lawyers, scientists, and advocates have taken on the biggest threats to San Francisco Bay — and won.
Our team of scientists and lawyers have:
  • Required more than 275 polluters to stop illegally contaminating the Bay.
  • Compelled 10 of the worst-polluting Bay Area cities to reduce sewage spills by 75%.
  • Helped pass more than a dozen new laws to prevent oil spills and reduce harm to communities and wildlife.
  • Mapped over 300 miles of the Bay’s shoreline to help the Bay Area prepare for sea level rise.
  • Logged over 15,000 staff and volunteer hours on the Baykeeper boat, patrolling for pollution.

Program Details

San Francisco Bay is under constant threat of pollution from the 1,600 industrial facilities, 86 cities, 42 sewage treatment plants, seven million people, and five oil refineries located on or near the Bay.
That's why Baykeeper was founded. For three decades, we have used a unique combination of skills and expertise in law, science, advocacy, and investigations to stop polluters and end destructive activities in San Francisco Bay.
To protect the Bay’s water quality and wildlife and create a more resilient future for San Francisco Bay, Baykeeper:
  • Operates the Bay’s only pollution patrol boat to find and stop pollution that harms wildlife, recreational users, and the health of the Bay.
  • Stops polluters with direct legal action when they are illegally contaminating the Bay.
  • Improves how cities and businesses reduce water use, recycle water, and filter out pollutants before reaching the Bay and wildlife habitat.
  • Advocates for new measures to preserve and restore Bay shorelines and communities that are endangered by sea level rise and climate change.
  • Fights for healthy communities by opposing toxic activities like coal and oil shipments that contaminate historically polluted neighborhoods around the Bay.
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